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Sidewalk Repair Request

  1. Please fill out this form to report a sidewalk in need of repair. Requests are sent to the Streets Division and Streets personnel will go out to the site to inspect and evaluate the sidewalk’s condition. The sidewalk is given a rating to determine its priority in the repair queue.
  2. Site visits and rankings are necessary due to the high number of repairs needed and limited funding available for sidewalk repairs. As Public Works works through their sidewalk repair list, staff groups projects with corresponding street repairs or with other sidewalk repairs close-by to be more efficient.
  3. The City is aware many sidewalk segments are eligible for repair. Please keep in mind it is difficult to predict when your sidewalk repair request will be addressed due to varying project priorities and changing infrastructure needs. Locations that are minimal tripping hazards are lower on the priority list and can be on the list for an extended time. However, your concern is important to us and these sidewalk repairs will be addressed as funding is allocated.
  4. For more information, please call Public Works at 817-952-2200.
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