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Police Department

  1. Animal Services Volunteer Application

    Please note, Animal Services volunteers could be asked to do a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, scooping litterboxes,... More…

  2. Bedford Citizen Observation Program (Homeowner)
  3. Do Not Solicit List Form

    The Do Not Solicit List is maintained and distributed by the Bedford Police Department. This list contains the addresses of residential... More…

  4. Safe Return Program Form

    Safe Return is a community resource program for members of the vulnerable population who reside within the City of Bedford. This would... More…

  5. Street Closure Request Form

    Please note, major roads cannot be closed for the purpose of a block party.

  1. Bedford Citizen Observation Program (Business Owner)
  2. Compliment an Employee
  3. Police Explorer Program Interest Card

    Are you a youth who is interested in a career in Law Enforcement? Our Police Explorer program may be for you. Explorer Requirements... More…

  4. Senior Care Call Program Registration Form

    The Senior Care Call Program is for seniors ages 65 and older who live alone, and would like to receive a phone call from Bedford... More…

  5. Vacation Watch Request

    Submit a Vacation Watch Request to have your home checked by uniformed police officers or Volunteers In Police Services (VIPS) when... More…