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Volunteer Application

  1. Clean Up Days
    Clean up Day

  2. Volunteer

  3. Blues & BBQ Festival

  4. The City has on ongoing need for volunteers. Please check any that interest you. Please check all that apply and skip to the bottom to fill out the application for these volunteer positions.

  5. Would you like to be added to our list and updated of new volunteer opportunities?*

    (I understand by submitting this information it may be subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.)

  6. Other City Volunteer Opportunities

    Below is a list of other opportunities. Please click the link under their names to be taken to their website for application and information.

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  8. (not all volunteers receive t-shirts)

  9. Are you volunteering as a group?

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  11. Intent of Volunteering

  12. Please include any skills or capabilities related to your volunteer interest area. Classes, seminars, workshops, etc. that relate to your volunteer interest area. Licenses or certifications that relate to the area in which you wish to volunteer. Skills, training or experience dealing with the public.

  13. Are you a minor (under the age of 18)? *

  14. Have you ever been convicted of any violations of the law other than minor traffic violations?

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