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Request a Virtual Court Date

  1. Request a Virtual Court Date

    This form may be used by Defendants to make a first request for a virtual court date on a newly issued citation. If a virtual court date has been previously granted, a second or subsequent request must be made to the Court in person.  

    A Court staff member will review all submissions for completeness and validity. Submission is not a guarantee that your request will be granted.  

    DO NOT use this form if it is less than 10 days prior to your initial court setting that is listed on your citation or setting notice from the Bedford/Euless jail. 


    If any of the below conditions apply, then you are not eligible for a virtual court date:

    1. The court date on your citation is less than 10 days away. 
    2. You have been charged with assault, simple assault, assault by offensive touching, assault by threat or any offense involving domestic or family violence.  
    3. You have an active alias warrant or capias warrant issued by the Court.
    4. You are 16 years of age or younger.
    5. You have hired an attorney to represent you.
    6. You are needing to reset your court date. 

    If any of these are true, you will need to contact the Bedford Municipal Court at 817-952-2150.

  2. Please enter the defendant's date of birth.

  3. Please upload a photo of a government issued ID (drivers license, etc.). PDF files ONLY.

  4. Do you want all violations on your citation set for court?*

    Please select one of the above options.

  5. Are you going to require an interpreter?*

    Please select one of the above options.

  6. Agreement
    • I swear or affirm the following statements are true.
    • I am the person charged with the violation(s) and am making this request voluntarily.
    • I have read and acknowledge all the information in this form.
    • The court date on my citation is not due in less than 10 days.
    • I was not charged with an offense involving assault, domestic or family violence.
    • I agree to update any changes of address, phone number, or email to the Court.
    • By Submitting this form, I promise to appear as required by the Court.
    • I understand that if I miss my virtual court date, I will not be allowed to reset to another virtual court date and that I will need to contact the Court to see what my options are.
    • I understand that failure to appear may result in additional charges, denial of vehicle registration, driver’s license denial, and / or issuance of a warrant.
  7. I agree to all of the statements in the agreement above. *
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