How do I keep my smoke detector working?

Smoke detectors are easy to maintain. Check and replace the battery, if needed when you change your clock during Daylight Saving Time in the fall and spring. Some smoke detectors on the market now come with a 10-year lithium battery. This type of smoke detector is designed to be replaced as a whole unit, thus avoiding the need for battery replacement.

If your smoke detector starts making a “chirping” noise, replace the batteries and retest it. Test your smoke detectors at least once a month by pushing the test button on the front of the smoke detector for a few seconds.

Smoke detectors will last about eight to ten years after the manufacturer date. This date is usually found on the back of the smoke detector or inside near the battery. You may also write the purchase date on the unit with a marker as a reminder. Like most electrical devices, smoke detectors wear out.

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