What is the YMCA responsible for at The Center?

The YMCA exclusively manages The Center within Generations Park.

They are responsible for:

  • Staffing of The Center (and maintaining appropriate staffing levels)
  • Maintenance, repairs, and janitorial/custodial service for the building
  • All utilities, phones, internet, etc. and the associated costs
  • Maintaining the outdoor aquatics facility, including supplying pool supplies and chemicals

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1. Why did the City of Bedford outsource the operational side of The Center?
2. How would the City have been affected financially if it had to operate the Center?
3. Why are other recreational centers able to provide lower rates to their residents than Bedford has for The Center?
4. How will seniors benefit from the City partnering with the YMCA?
5. Does the City still have its senior programs at Old Bedford School?
6. Have any City of Bedford employees been negatively affected by the YMCA operating The Center?
7. How long is the initial operations agreement between the City and YMCA?
8. How does the City of Bedford hold the YMCA accountable?
9. What happens if the City no longer wants the YMCA to operate the Center?
10. What is the YMCA responsible for at The Center?
11. Does the City or the YMCA own the fitness equipment at the Center?
12. What will happen to the existing YMCA building?
13. How is the YMCA incentivized to grow The Center’s membership?
14. Since any YMCA member is able to use The Center, is there a concern members from outside Bedford would overrun the facility?
15. Does The Center have day passes for anyone wishing to use the aquatic facilities for a day?
16. Is the community able to rent rooms at The Center?
17. Is the YMCA responsible for planning/conducting the City’s special events?