Do I have to attend a police academy?

Yes, unless you are already Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) certified, you will be required to attend and complete the police academy of our choosing.

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1. Do I need to submit all my documents before testing?
2. May I submit a resume?
3. What types of questions are on the police written examination?
4. Does the Bedford Police Department offer a study guide for the written examination?
5. What can I expect on testing day?
6. What is the attire for the various steps of the hiring process?
7. Are there any age or physical limitations on who can apply to be a police officer?
8. Does the Bedford Police Department have a policy on tattoos and beards?
9. Do I have to live in Bedford to be a Bedford police officer?
10. Do I have to attend a police academy?
11. When is the next police academy?
12. Are there any fees or costs that I would need to pay for attending the academy?
13. What is the police academy like?
14. If I am sent to a Police Academy, is there a minimum service time commitment?
15. Can I be considered if I have used marijuana or other drugs / narcotics in the past?
16. What will happen if I intentionally omit important information or am found to be deceptive in the hiring process regarding my background history?
17. Polygraph/Psychological Exam Info
18. As an out of state applicant, how many trips will I need to make to Bedford during the hiring process?
19. I am a police officer in another state. What is the process of being licensed in Texas?
20. How many sworn officers does the Bedford Police Department have?
21. I was discharged from the military with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions or an Uncharacterized Discharge. Is this acceptable to apply for the Bedford Police Department?
22. Is there any way to skip patrol and go directly into a specialized unit?
23. Does the Bedford Police Department furnish all my uniforms and equipment?
24. Does the Bedford Police Department require my college hours be in Criminal Justice?
25. When do benefits start?
26. What shifts do patrol officers work?
27. What specialized divisions does the Bedford Police Department offer?