When is a building permit required?
A person, firm or corporation shall not erect, construct, enlarge, add to, alter, repair, replace, improve, remove, install, convert, equip, use, occupy or maintain a structure or building service equipment without first obtaining a permit from the Permit Department.

A permit is required for:
• New or remodel residential and commercial buildings
• All detached accessory structures
• Demolitions
• Fences
• Carports
• Retaining walls over 48 inches
• Room additions
• Roof replacement
• Garage or carport conversions
• Signs
• Porch enclosures
• Patio Covers
• New driveway approach or sidewalk or alteration of existing driveway approach or sidewalk if work is being done in the right-of-way

You may also need a permit when remodeling or making repairs. This may include:
• Air conditioners, evaporative coolers or furnaces being added or relocated
• Wall removals or relocations
• Water softener installations or replacement
• Electrical circuits being added or relocated
• Window or exterior doors in which sizes or locations are being changed
• Gas line or gas-fired equipment installations or repairs
• Sewer and water line installations or repair
• Connecting irrigation systems to a water supply
• Sinks, toilets, tubs, or showers to be added or relocated
• Water heater replacement or relocation

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