How is the sewer calculated?

The City uses the winter months’ average of the December, January, and February consumption for the sewer calculations on residential and multi-family customers. We average the consumption during these months to set your sewer rate for the year, which changes each year on the May water bill. If you have no preceding winter months’ usage, we use the City’s average of 6,000 gallons. 

During the winter months, please be aware of all unnecessary water usage such as: 

  • dripping faucets
  • leaking toilets 
  • outside watering (sprinkler systems)

If you have a leak during the winter averaging months, call 817-952-2112 or email Customer Service so the account can be noted. 

An example is below:

To calculate a sewer average: 

  • December consumption - 11,000 gallons 
  • January consumption - 8,000 gallons
  • February consumption - 6,000 gallons

Add total consumption - 25,000 gallons, then divided by three months = 8,000 gallon average (changes May 1)

In the example, multiply the 8,000 gallon average times the current rate of $3.51 per 1,000 gallons, which equals $28.08. Then, add the current sewer base rate of $13.07 for a total sewer amount of $41.15 billed monthly. This amount will be in effect for an entire year beginning with your May bill. 

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