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Apr 27

Update August 28, 2015

Posted on April 27, 2017 at 4:53 PM by Michlynn St. John

As of Friday, August 28, 2015, the removal of the island has commenced. Keeping the island was never part of the Parks Master Plan. Renditions and discussions regarding the removal of the island date back as far as 2009. This project was discussed at multiple City Council meetings, along with a Town Hall meeting.

Additionally, the island is a detriment to the water circulation in the lake - which is important. The island contributes to the trapping of sediment in that area of the lake - which is also not healthy for the lake or the wildlife. The island also collects trash and animal waste. Engineers were consulted on this project and advised that the removal of the island was in the best long term interests of the health of the lake and the wildlife.

Wildlife at the Lake
With the removal of the island commencing, the City's Parks Department along with Animal Control will begin to pump the remaining water out of the lake that surrounds the main drain along the south end of the lake. This process is being performed in order to expedite the relocation of the turtles and ducks to a safer location. As the water is being pumped out, staff will be on hand to capture the turtles and move them to the water channels along the north side of the park.

Watering containers are currently placed all along the south side of the lake for use by the wildlife. Staff will begin slowly moving the containers around the perimeter and towards the north of the lake. The hope is that the waterfowl will follow the water sources away from the areas where construction is occurring.

The City will continue to provide the public with updates as the construction progresses.