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May 02

Update January 7, 2016

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 9:09 AM by Michlynn St. John

Boys Ranch Lake Receives Fish Habitat
Improvements continue at the Boys Ranch Lake with the placement of the new fish habitats on the bottom of the Lake. These habitats were built by the Bedford Parks Department, on the recommended designs of the Parks and Wildlife Department, to help improve the fishing at the Boys Ranch Lake.

Most of the structures are made with PVC pipe that will be weighed down by concrete blocks or buried in the lake bed, as well as, concrete rubble piles for fish to congregate around. Several gravel fish beds have been built and placed in the lake to serve as a safe place to lay eggs.

Barring any rain delays, the channels will be opened within the month to let the lake fill up.

Check out the fish habitat pictures on our Facebook page.