Short-Term Rentals

Owners of properties used as short-term rentals (rented for fewer than 30 days) must first register their property with the City of Bedford.  

A short-term rental property is identified as a residence/home that is rented out to patrons for a period of less than 30 days at a time, such as an Airbnb or Vrbo.

The short-term rental program is intended to protect and preserve the integrity of our neighborhoods and overall community by regulating the terms under which a residence may be rented. These terms include a required annual property inspection and assuring property owners are registering for State-required Hotel Occupancy Tax payments.  

The short-term rental program addresses the following: 

  • Terms to receive an approved permit (parking plan, local contact, liability insurance, etc.) for the short-term rental property 
  • Occupancy limits 
  • Ensures life safety matters are addressed at the residence 
  • Requires annual fire inspection, repeat inspection, and change in ownership inspection 
  • Establishes clear policies if a property does not comply with regulations 
  • Establishes permit and inspection/re-inspection fees, and applicable penalties 

Short-Term Rental Property Registration

All owners must follow the two-step process outlined below to register their property. No properties are exempt from this requirement.

Step One

Register on MUNIRevs (to pay hotel occupancy taxes online):

Step Two

Complete the City’s Rental Registration-Short-Term Application:

  1. Register as a user. Please visit to create an account in the City’s online permitting system. You may view instructions on creating an account, submitting an application, tracking progress of an application, making a payment, or communicating with City Staff about your application online
  2. Complete the application. Once you have created an account, you may either (on the home page of click on the Rental Registration icon or type “Rental Registration” in the main taskbar. From there, you will be directed to the Rental Registration Short-Term application. 
  3. Request an Inspection. Once the application is deemed complete by City staff (you will be notified), you may request an inspection of the property. Please refer to the Short-Term Rental Inspection Checklist for what items will be inspected by the City. 

The Short-Term Rental Registration fee is $200 annually, plus $60 for the inspection. 

Questions? Please call 817-952-2140 or email City Staff at or

Required Attachments to the Short-Term Rental Application

  • Provision of Proof of Host protection or liability insurance (not standard homeowner’s insurance) and the City must be named as an additional insured on the policy
  • Provision of Current Tax Certificate/proof taxes are current
  • Provision of House Rules/Occupant Notification Packet, which shall include: 
    • Maximum number of occupants
    • Location of required off-street parking (Parking Plan-must be provided on private property) 
    • Quiet hours and noise restriction
    • 24-hour local contact person and phone number
    • Property cleanliness requirements
    • Waste pick-up requirement, including the location of waste and recycling receptacles
    • Flooding hazards and evacuation routes, as well as information on the outdoor warning siren system
    • Emergency and non-emergency numbers
  • Provision of a Dimensioned Floorplan of the home showing emergency exits 

Short-Term Rental Resources