Sidewalk Repair Requests

Please fill out the online Sidewalk Repair Request Form to report a sidewalk in need of repair.

Sidewalk Repair Requests are sent to the Streets Division and Streets personnel will go out to the site to inspect and evaluate the sidewalk’s condition. The sidewalk is given a rating to determine its priority in the repair queue.

Site visits and rankings are necessary due to the high number of repairs needed and limited funding available for sidewalk repairs. As Public Works works through their sidewalk repair list, staff groups projects with corresponding street repairs or with other sidewalk repairs close-by to be more efficient.

The City is aware many sidewalk segments are eligible for repair. Please keep in mind it is difficult to predict when your sidewalk repair request will be addressed due to varying project priorities and changing infrastructure needs. Locations that are minimal tripping hazards are lower on the priority list and can be on the list for an extended time. However, your concern is important to us and these sidewalk repairs will be addressed as funding is allocated.

New Sidewalk Segment Requests

In order to prioritize new sidewalk requests, the City has adopted a New Sidewalk Installation Request Policy. The policy provides guidelines so requests can be evaluated and considered to be incorporated into the next fiscal year's budget, or as funding becomes available. 

General Guidelines

  • Sidewalks are considered an enhancement to the community in that they improve the safety of pedestrians by providing a walking network that removes pedestrians from the paths of vehicles.
  • It is desirable to create a sidewalk network that connects to other pedestrian facilities, particularly within close proximity (i.e., 1,000 feet) to area HEB ISD schools, City parks, and City facilities open to the public. The installation of sidewalks on undeveloped parcels of land is governed by City of Bedford Ordinance 2325 (Subdivision Regulations).
  • All requests will be evaluated for consideration the next fiscal year, or as funding becomes available.  
  • The following items will be at the City’s expense: meter box relocation, mailbox relocation, driveway adjustments to meet minimum slopes, retaining walls required to meet minimum slopes, and irrigation adjustments.
  • Existing landscaping within the path of the proposed sidewalk (shrubs, trees, flower beds, etc.) will not be replaced. Decorative driveways will be replaced with standard concrete within the right of way. No additional irrigation will be installed to accommodate new sidewalks. Retaining walls up to 36-inches tall may be installed with the sidewalk to accommodate existing grades and to meet America Disabilities Act (ADA) and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requirements and regulations.

Sidewalk Installation Policy and Request Form