Holi Festival of Color

Celebrate color and the arrival of spring at the City’s annual Holi Festival of Color. As the event approaches, this page will be updated with 2023 festival details.

Holi is an ancient Indian celebration that marks the beginning of spring after a long winter and is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. The highlight of the festival features throwing colored chalk (the powder is safe and non-toxic) into the air and on one another, creating a bright sea of colors.

Please note, this is not a pet friendly event.

girl being sprayed with colored powder in all directions at the Holi Festival of Color

Color Throw Tips

Below are some additional color throw tips and tricks for the festival: 

  • Be prepared to get colorful! The color powder is safe and non-toxic. 
  • The color powder may stain clothing, so wear old clothes and shoes.
  • It is recommended to wear white clothing so the color powder shows. (This will make for some amazing photos!)
  • Apply generous amounts of moisturizer to your skin prior to the event. This may help the color not stick to your skin.
  • Cover your car seats with old towels, blankets, or plastic for the ride home.