Traffic Signal Box Design Winners

As part of the Traffic Signal Box Art Project, local artists were invited to showcase their talents and further beautify Bedford by submitting designs based on two themes, “Local Inspiration” and “Celebrating Cultures” that would cover a traffic box in the City.

2021 Winners

Students of Midcities Montessori – Students drew inspiration from the theme “Celebrating Cultures” by drawing the faces of people they see around their neighborhoods. Each individual is unique, celebrating the uniqueness of our community. The box is located at the Blue Quail Court and Harwood Road intersection.

Midcities Montessori Students traffic box with unique faces

Danielle Teagarden – Danielle, the art teacher at Bell Manor Elementary, was inspired by the Bedford landmarks she passes daily on her drive to work. The box is located at the intersection of Forest Ridge Drive and Bedford Road.

traffic box with Bedford buildings designed by Danielle Teagarden

Clif Beck –Clif, a Bedford resident, was inspired by the birds he sees in the backyards of Bedford homes. The box is located at the intersection of Murphy Drive and L. Don Dodson Drive.

Traffic box with birds designed by Clif Beck

Jacob Wiant – Located at the intersection of Central Drive and Central Park Boulevard, Jacob’s work reflects the inherent connection that people have with one another that can be seen in all communities.

traffic box in Bedford designed by Jacob Wiant

Jodi Pope – Jodi’s design is described as “a strange and beautiful collection of the positive interactions of different people coming together to make a difference.” The box is located at Ravenswood Drive and Bedford Road.

red design traffic box made by Jodi Pope

Joseline Rowley – Joseline, a 7th grader in Bedford, drew music and musical instruments because of the bands and orchestras in Bedford that inspire her. She hopes her design inspires others to play an instrument! The box is located at the intersection of Martin Drive and Harwood Road.

traffic box with musical notes designed by Joseline Rowley

Kynlee Jarrett – Kynlee, a 5-year-old who lives in Grapevine, was inspired by the summers she spends at her Nan’s house in Bedford. In her design, she included shapes she sees in snails, shells, rainbows, and water from Nan’s pool. The box is located at Martin Drive and Cummings Drive.

colorful traffic box designed by Kynlee Jarrett