Senior Care Call Program

The Senior Care Call Program is for seniors ages 65 and older who live alone, and would like to receive a phone call from Bedford Police Department Volunteers to check on their welfare.

Participants will be asked if they are OK. If they answer "yes" they may simply hang-up and continue with their day. However, if the senior expresses a concern, the volunteer will then determine what kind of concern they have and the appropriate assistance. 

If the senior does not answer the phone or if the line is busy, volunteers will call back. If there is still no response when they call back, the volunteer will notify an officer, who will perform a safety check at the senior's residence. 

Seniors or family members may pick-up an application at the Bedford Police Department, 2121 L. Don Dodson Rd. or may fill out the online form. 



When will seniors receive a call?

Trained Police volunteers will call each program participant twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. Please note, even though they will be called on the same days of the week, volunteers cannot guarantee calling the participants at the same time every time. If a resident does not answer, the volunteer will leave a voicemail.

What kind of questions will the volunteers ask?

Volunteers will ask the following type of questions:

  • How are you doing today?
  • Do you have enough food?
  • Do you need a ride anywhere?

What happens if a senior needs help?

If the senior appears to be having an emergency, the volunteer will keep them on the phone and call 9-1-1 to have either an officer or ambulance sent to them.

If the person has other type of needs. Volunteers will provide a list of resources based on the type of help the senior needs. For example, if the person says they need help getting a ride to an upcoming doctor's appointment, the volunteer can put him/her in contact with Catholic Charities or HEB Transit to coordinate receiving a ride.

What if the senior is not home when the call is made?

If there is no answer after the second call, the volunteer will fill out an official form. The volunteers, who conduct patrols on Wednesday and Friday, will take the form and drive by the senior's home to see if mail or newspapers have accumulated. The volunteers may also knock on the door, if they feel comfortable, to see if the person will answer the door.

If the volunteer notices the mail or newspapers have accumulated and they don't receive an answer when they knock on the door, they will contact dispatch to have an officer sent to that location to do an official welfare check.