Street/4B Projects

Last Updated: September 1, 2021

2021 Street Mill Overlay/Reclamation at Various Location Project

Description: The City of Bedford entered into an agreement with Reynolds Asphalt and Construction Company (Reynolds) through an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Grand Prairie. The project was awarded on May 25, 2021, in the amount of $1,125,000 for the proposed work. This project was previously approved by the 4B Board. The work includes 44,416 square yards of mill and overlay at various locations. The streets included in the project are Dora Street, from Phyllis Street to the end, Hickory Court, Meadow Wood Court, Meadow Wood Lane, Red Oak Lane, and Scenic Hills Drive. Reynolds placed the asphalt Monday, August 9 on Meadow Wood Lane and Meadow Wood Court. On Monday, August 23, Reynolds began pavement repairs on Scenic Hills by pulverizing and mixing the asphalt with dirt.

Project Cost:  $1,125,000

Funding Source(s): 4B

Anticipated Completion: November 2021

Walter Street, from Bedford Court E to Cheryl Avenue - CDBG 47th Year

Description: Every two years, the City of Bedford is eligible to pursue Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding through the Tarrant County Community Development Division (TCCD) in qualifying areas. Census-qualified areas must meet low-to-moderate household income criteria. Thirteen cities in Tarrant County are eligible to submit an application for the CDBG 47th Year Program. The application for the CDBG 47th Year would include the removal and replacement of the existing deteriorated asphalt pavement and replacing it with 6-inch concrete and 6-inch curbs on Walter Street, beginning at Bedford Court East and ending at Cheryl Avenue. The project would also include the removal and reconstruction of valley gutters and adjusting sewer manholes and water valves to the new street grade. The water and sewer utilities in this section of the road were rehabilitated approximately 20 years ago.

Project Cost: $491,554

Funding Source(s): 4B, Tarrant County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Anticipated Completion: FY 2022