Social Media Terms of Use Policy

The City of Bedford believes resident feedback provides an important role in the governance of our community. The City’s official social media channels are just a few of the many tools the City uses to distribute information. Not every issue facing the City will be addressed on the social networking sites. The City’s overall goals in using social media is to:

  • Reach new audiences with important City news and information
  • Provide an opportunity for input and discussion among citizens and other stakeholders
  • Increase the transparency of the City and its decision-making process

The City intends to promote effective communication and maintain a respectful dialogue. In that spirit, the commenting and moderation rules will maintain a productive and open forum for community discussion. The City’s social media administrators use these guidelines to ensure comments are constructive and suitable for all readers, while respecting a range of opinions and points of view. Moderation will take place during the City's normal business hours.

To make an open records request, please visit the Public Information Request webpage

Individuals who post or comment are legally responsible for their comments and/or posts. Comments and/or posts must not breach any law, confidentiality, or copyright. While comments and posts will not be removed based on their opinion or viewpoint, moderators may remove, redirect comments, or replies that:

  • Are off topic or not within the scope of the responsibilities of the City of Bedford (or the specific departmental Page)
  • Include personally identifiable information, such as an address, phone number, social security number, or other sensitive information
  • Contain threats of immediate breach of the peace, i.e. fighting words
  • Are commercial endorsements of products, services, organizations, or other entities
  • Serve electoral campaign purposes, including political endorsements of parties, candidates, or groups
  • Promote imminent illegal activity

In addition, the City reserves the right to require those who comment on its posts to comply with the Terms of Use of the Social Media Site and will report users the City believes to be in violation of the Terms of Use.    

Comments on the City of Bedford’s official social media channels are not deemed to be official public testimony concerning any project or program for which the City is required to hold a public hearing. Expressing your opinion there is for discussion only and is not a substitute for a formal statement in a public hearing process. The City of Bedford reserves the right to update these Terms of Use.