Linking Policy

The purpose of the website Linking Policy is to provide the citizens and businesses of Bedford with parameters for advertisement of community websites (or links) on the City's website, The following entities may request addition of their URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to the City’s website:

  • Political subdivisions (i.e., counties, municipalities, school district)
  • Governmental agencies and councils of governments
  • Regional and professional associations or entities that represent municipal interests which the City is affiliated with by means of memberships, subscriptions, or the payment of dues
  • Information or links pertaining to economic development projects that have received zoning or site plan approval from the City, which in recognized commercial development locations
  • Non-profit organizations based in Tarrant County and which receive funding from the City for programs and/or services provided to the City or its residents
  • Homeowner’s Associations that are either in whole or in part within the City limits
  • HEB Chamber of Commerce.
  • Sites containing software or services necessary to view City websites and related content.
  • Sites providing added functionality to the City website such as maps, calendars or search features, and specifically chosen by the Communications Department for these features.

All submissions to the City of Bedford for addition to the links section must be sent to Applications will be reviewed by City staff to ensure that the site meets the above guidelines. City staff will have 10 business days to complete the review process and add the URL to the links section. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the proper URL is made available to City staff, as well as, inform City staff of any changes to the URL. The City reserves the right to remove any link that is no longer in service or fails to meet the above requirements.