Clothing and Household Item Recycling

Residents can dispose of their unwanted clothing and household items through Donate to Impact (formerly Recycle2Support) which partners with numerous non-profits to provide curbside recycling services at your door.

To participate, please take the following steps:

  • Visit and click “Schedule Online” and select a pickup date.
  • Pack up your unwanted clothing and/or household items and place by outside your front door by 8 a.m. on your scheduled date. 
  • R2S will pick-up your items, diverting them from the landfill, and the non-profit you select will receive a portion of the proceeds in return.

R2S is a Dallas-based recycling company that has been involved in textile and household item recycling since 1986. Items that can be recycled include clothing, shoes, books, toys, and other household items. For the complete list of items that are accepted, please visit

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