Smoke Detector Program

Since 1997, the Smoke Detector Check Program has been an aggressive, on-going Community Service and Awareness program that assures there is a working smoke detector in each home in Bedford. Firefighters, assisted by members of the Bedford Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association (BCFAAA), canvas pre-designated neighborhoods twice a year during Daylight Savings Time changes. They go into any home where they are allowed, at no charge, to:

Check smoke detectors for proper location and application

Test the operation of each smoke detector and change batteries as required

Replace out-of-date and non-working smoke detectors or add new smoke detectors

Firefighters offer to check smoke detectors each time they go into a home for any reason and at appropriate times after Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and fire incidents. In addition, Bedford residents may contact the Bedford Fire Department at 817-952-2500 and request that firefighters come out and check their detectors.

This is a FREE service to Bedford residents.