Ambulance Subscription Program

The City of Bedford offers Bedford residents an ambulance subscription service to help offset the high costs of emergency ambulance transportation. Insurance companies routinely do not pay the entire amount of ambulance transportation, leaving the patient with the responsibility of paying the balance of the bill. The purpose of the subscription service is to cover the amount not covered by your insurance provider or Medicare. For $60 per year (per family), you will never have to worry about paying an ambulance bill. Medicaid recipients or persons not covered under a primary insurance policy are not eligible for this program.

The completed application form and enrollment fee can be mailed or brought in-person to Fire Administration at Station 1, located at 1816 Bedford Rd. For more information, please call 817-952-2500.

Program Summary

  • Cost is $60 per calendar year, renewed annually
  • Covers all immediate family members of the household that reside at the place of residence in Bedford, which includes applicant, spouse, and children under the age of 25 that are full-time students. Children over 18 (that are not fill-time students) and Medicaid recipients are not covered by this subscription.
  • Saves out of pocket expense for emergency ambulance transportation by paying the amount not covered by health care insurance, Medicare, and other supplemental medical insurance
  • Provides the needed insurance information to expedite billing
  • No bill for the unpaid portion of the service not paid by the insurance provider
  • The plan covers you from January 1 to December 31 of the enrollment year. You may enroll at any time. However, the fee is NOT prorated, and coverage is NOT retroactive. 

2022 Renewal Application 

2022 New Member Application