Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for the development and coordination of training of all firefighters within the Bedford Fire Department. The occupation requires constant reviewing and enhancement of multiple skills. The Training Division must be aware of new developments and technology in firefighting, hazardous materials, emergency medical care, and technical rescue in order to provide the most current training available and provide the utmost service to our citizens.

The Training Division has numerous other responsibilities as well:

  • Hazardous Material Coordinator for The City of Bedford
  • Administer the health and wellness program for fire department staff including; physical fitness, medical screenings, and immunizations.
  • Plans and coordinates all new and continued training for firefighters and paramedics.
  • Ensures that the fire department staff is current in required certifications such as those mandated by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • Serves in the capacity as Incident Safety Officer at all major incidents.
  • Responsible for recruitment and new hire testing.
  • Research and development of new technologies and operational methods for the fire department
  • Serves as the department Health and Safety Officer
  • Ensures the department meets the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and NFPA standards.
  • Oversees monthly performance evaluations and district testing.

Firefighters training on Truck 151

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