Special Operations

Swift Water Rescue

Swift-water rescue is a subset of technical rescue dealing in swollen and white water river conditions. Due to the added pressure of moving water, swift water rescue involves the use of specially trained personnel, ropes, and mechanical advantage systems. These are often much more robust than those used in standard rope rescue. The main goal is to use or deflect the water’s power to assist in the rescue of the endangered person(s), as in most situations there is no easy way to overcome the power of the water.

Bedford Fire Department has operated and performed swift water rescues since the mid-1990s. Annual training at Tarrant County College Fire Service Training Center ensures prompt and safe responses.

Rescue 15 and Swift Water 15 Boat

Boat Operations

2012 FEMA granted Boat 15 and Rescue 15 to Bedford Fire Department. Knowing that the use of a boat in the City of Bedford would be very minimal, FEMA awarded Bedford Fire Department with a Zodiac 420 to respond with mutual aid to surrounding cities and counties in need of assistance.  Bedford Fire’s boat team participates in quarterly moving water training.

NEFDA Hazardous Materials Response Team

A few select highly trained firefighters from the Bedford Fire Department are members of the NEFDA Hazardous Materials Response Team. This team consists of members from each city within the NEFDA organization with North Hills Fire Department being the host city for the HAZMAT truck. Primary roles include responding to spills and releases of hazardous chemicals, hazardous materials cleanup, and utilizing advanced instrumentation to identify meth labs working in conjunction with the Police Department.Hazmat - Decontamination