Fire Stations

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1 is located at 1816 Bedford Road. The present building was constructed in June of 1987. The building consists of 12,000 square feet and four double-deep drive-through bays. This station houses Truck 151, Medic 151, Battalion 15, EMS 15 and administrative staff. Additionally, a reserve Truck, reserve Medic, and our Mobile Command Post our housed here. The minimum staffing for this station is six personnel.

Bedford Fire Station 1

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2 is located at 3940 Martin Drive and was constructed in 1996. Fire Station 2 consists of two bays, one of which is a drive-through bay. This station houses Medic 152 and Engine 152. The minimum staffing for this station is five personnel. Three assigned to the engine, and two on the medic.

Bedford Fire Station 2

Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 was constructed in 2000 and is located at 541 Bedford Road. This fire station has three bays and staffed by a minimum of five personnel. The unusual feature about this station is that the apparatus bays for reserve equipment are located in the base of a 2 Million Gallon overhead water storage tank. This station houses Engine 153 and Medic 153, Rescue 15, Swift Water Boat 15, and Air 151.

Bedford Fire Station 3