Resident Information

The Bedford Fire Department offers many programs that are educational, informative, and fun. Each year we visit the schools to teach fire safety and life education to the kids. The F.A.L.S.E. Alarm Gang, our well known clown troupe, has been reaching out to thousands of children of all ages teaching Fire and Life Safety Education since 1995. The kids have a lot of fun watching and sometimes participating in the clown skit while learning fire and life safety behaviors that would prevent fire hazards and loss of life. The Fire Prevention Poster Contest illustrates what each student has learned from the Clown’s program where every child is recognized for their work.

The neighborhood Smoke Alarm Check is an aggressive, year round program, where firefighters test your smoke detector to assure they work properly. This is a free service provided to Bedford residents.

A great way to find out what it is like to be a Bedford Firefighter is by signing up for our Citizens Fire Academy. Attending a three hour class, once a week, for ten weeks, you will learn all about what we do with some “hands-on” experiences. Another program geared more towards training citizens to be better prepared during a disaster, is called C.E.R.T., which stands for Community Emergency Response Team. During the eight week course, meeting one night each week, the students will learn methods and techniques critical to helping folks during and after a disaster strikes.

The “Baby Moses” program authorizes our firefighters to take possession of an infant child that has been abandoned. We will see that the child receives proper care until the authorities receive the child. We also have another program called “Project Safe Place” providing a safe place to youth-in-crisis. Each of our three fire stations is a site for both programs. 

Fire station tours are offered to individuals and small groups without an appointment and larger groups by appointment.

You can also walk into any of the fire stations and have your blood pressure checked for free.

Beginning the first week of November continuing throughout the holiday season, we collect canned food and dry goods for the Northeast Emergency Distribution (NEED). We also have a Frozen Turkey day in November where we collect frozen turkeys for NEED to distribute to families.

We encourage you to visit each topic to learn more about each community service program.