Support Bedford Business Facebook Page

The 'Support Bedford Business' facebook page was created by the City of Bedford Economic Development staff during the COVID-19 pandemic as a method to support Bedford businesses. Local businesses often attempt to get word out about their offerings, hours, specials, etc. through facebook posts. Now, as staff becomes aware of posts shared by Bedford businesses, they can also "share" the posts on the 'Support Bedford Business' facebook page. By sharing the business community's posts, we hope to help increase the number of views that the original facebook message receives, in turn, increasing customer traffic to their site and their location.  "We Care. We Share."   

Please click the link below to visit the Support Bedford Business facebook page. Scroll through all of the business posts that have been shared.  Remember to always shop local... spread the love where you live.  

Click below for the 'Support Bedford Business' facebook page...

Support Bedford Business Facebook Page Link