Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Responsibility

Internal Affairs is a component of the Professional Standards Division and is tasked with receiving and investigating citizen complaints and internal investigations that are assigned by the Police Chief.  The investigations are conducted on an impartial basis with an unbiased disposition.

What Happens After Complaints are Received?

When a complaint is received through Internal Affairs, it is reviewed to determine the nature of the allegations. The most serious types of complaints are investigated by the Internal Affairs Division (for example, complaints alleging excessive force, any discharge of firearms, or any allegation regarding criminal activity). Complaints comparatively less serious in nature, such as rude behavior or improper procedure, are typically forwarded to the officer(s)/employee(s) division for investigation. In every case, the person making the complaint will be contacted during the investigation for additional information, and will be notified regarding the final disposition.

Citizen Responsibility

Citizens are responsible to report the facts as clearly and accurately as possible. Additionally, they are responsible for reporting the incident as soon as possible (time restrictions apply).

False Complaints

False complaints, with a specific intent to unjustly subject a police employee to undeserved discipline or slander, or to place his/her employment status in jeopardy, can result in criminal charges being sought.

Our Staff

Our police officers and employees are carefully selected and given the best training possible in order to provide the community with superior service. With this in mind, citizens may also have an occasion to let an employee's supervisor know how well he/she performed their duties.


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