basketball 2020

The 2020 Spring Basketball League has been cancelled due to the health and safety issues surrounding COVID-19. Please stay tuned for news on the upcoming season at the Boys Ranch Activity Center.


The current T.A.A.F rules will govern the play of the game except for modifications under rules of the Bedford Basketball League.

Each team will consist of no more than 12 players. Each player must sign the team roster. The roster must be submitted to the scorekeeper before the start of your first game. You may add or drop players from your roster before your fifth game. No changes may be made to the final completed roster after the fourth game. No player will be allowed to play for more than one team in the league. All participants must be at least 17 years of age or older before the start of the league. If a player is currently playing high school basketball (Varsity or Junior Varsity), participation in this league will violate U.I.L. (University Interscholastic League) High School rules and makes that player ineligible for U.I.L. competition.

GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Each team must start the game with five players at game time.

• N.C.A.A. rules will apply.
• The game will consist of two 20-minutes halves. The clock will run continuously, except for timeouts and technical fouls, until the last two minutes of the second half.
• The 3-point shot will be in effect for league play at the N.C.A.A. distance.
• An overtime period shall be three minutes of a regulation clock, with the clock stopping for all official whistles after two minutes.
• Teams may start the game with a minimum of five players.
• All players entering the game must first check-in with the scorekeeper.
• Score sheets with a completed line-up must be turned in to the scorekeeper five minutes before the game starts.
• Only coaches and players (maximum of 12 players and two coaches) are allowed in or around the player’s benches. No children will be allowed in or around the player’s bench area due to safety precautions.
• A shot clock will not be in effect for league games.
• Half-time will be five minutes in length.
• Each team will be allowed five timeouts per game. Teams will receive one additional timeout for each overtime period.
• The Bedford Parks and Recreation will furnish the game ball. Teams will be responsible for furnishing their warm-up basketballs.

Any player or coach ejected from a ball game will be suspended for two games; this includes all non-playing players who are on the bench as roster members. The second offense will result in suspension for the entire season. EXAMPLES: Unsportsmanlike conduct towards a referee or an opponent, fighting, flagrant four, etc...

All teams are responsible for their fan-supported conduct. If a team has a fan or fans that are using profanity towards the referee and/or constantly harasses or threatens an official, that person(s) will be removed from the gym, and the team will be given a technical foul. If this does not correct the problem, the game will be called a forfeit. Children are welcome to attend league games; however, they must remain in the stands while games are in progress. Children are not allowed to play in any area of the gymnasium during the games, it may distract or injure the players, children or both. 

• Teams must have matching jerseys/uniforms in base color with permanently attached legal numbers (0-55) on the front and back; no numbers may be duplicated by teammates. EXAMPLE: #1 and #01 are the same numbers.
• Teams/players will be given a two-game grace period on uniform shirt requirements.
• Players will be prohibited from wearing jewelry during the game.

• No smoking in the building or gymnasium.
• No food or drinks in the gymnasium.
• No ice chest or coolers allowed in the gymnasium.
• No spitting on the gymnasium floor.
• Only service animals will be permitted into the building or gymnasium. All other pets/animals are not allowed.
• Warm-up periods will begin 30 minutes before the first scheduled game. If team members wish to play/practice at the Boys Ranch Gym, they must obey the Open Gym policies set forth by the City of Bedford. A facility card or day pass is required to participate during the open gym times. A Bedford resident may purchase a facility card for $26 for the year. A non-Bedford resident may purchase a facility card for $52 for the year. Daily passes are also available for $7 per day.

Weekly team standings will be available on the Internet at