Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phase Next?

Originally the Boys Ranch Park Master Plan called for a four-phase project to renovate the park. After completion of the first phase of the park renovation in 2016, City Council expressed interest in compiling the remaining projects into one phase. The term Phase Next has been used to discuss the remaining phases of the redevelopment.

Who is responsible for the consulting of the project?

The City of Bedford has contracted with Kimley-Horn to assist with the Boys Ranch Park Master Plan. Kimley-Horn is one of the nation's premier planning and design consulting firms. With over 2,800 staff members in more than 75 offices across the U.S., the firm offers full services in a wide range of disciplines.

How will this affect my taxes?

The final plan for Phase Next has not been presented yet. Once the plan is presented with a cost estimate, staff will be able to determine the tax implications.

How much will the entire Phase Next project cost?

Currently, a feasibility study is being conducted to assess the current facilities, gauge public interest through public input meetings and project surveys, and to formulate a plan moving forward. Once these tasks are completed, a plan will be devised and presented to City Council for direction. Estimates for the Phase Next project range from 35 - 75 million dollars.

Will this new facility require additional employees, maintenance, etc.?

While the final plan has not been presented, a project with larger facilities and increased usage will require additional employees and maintenance to manage the amenities.

Will the membership prices be the same?

The membership pricing for a new multigenerational facility has not yet been determined.

Will this project go out for bids?

Construction of Phase Next of the Boys Ranch Master Plan will be put out for bid, assuming the bond is approved by the voters.

What is the cost recovery for the new building?

The cost recovery model for the new facility has not yet been determined.

When will Phase Next be voted on?

Once the recommendation is presented to City Council, a possible decision will be made to move forward to a bond election. The next opportunity for a bond election will be held on November 7, 2017

Will the new facility have expanded hours than the current BRAC hours?

While the final recommendation has not been presented, it is typical for new facilities to have expanded facility hours to better serve the community.

Will the new facility have space for the arts?

A final recommendation has not been presented. Currently, the city is seeking public input to determine the space and community needs in the facility.

If an indoor aquatics facility were to be built, would the ISD swim teams have access to it?

The programming opportunities have not yet been presented as part of the project.

How specific will the plan be when it is taken to the public to vote on?

Kimley-Horn will be presenting the recommendation to the Bedford City Council on August 8, 2017. The plan that will be presented will determine the space requirements based on the feedback received via public input meetings and survey results.

How many buildings is the city proposing to level on the Boys Ranch property?

The City Council has not reached any decisions with respect to the location of potential new facilities at the Boys Ranch. City Council understands the importance and support the community is expressing for the Arts Council and ONSTAGE buildings. The decision for where to locate a new activity center will drive which facilities will need to be removed, if at all, as part of the new park development.

How can I get involved?

The Bedford City Council encourages users and citizens to attend and participate in scheduled meetings to express their level of interest in the renovation. Check back here for updates and follow the City of Bedford and Bedford Parks and Recreation on Facebook for the latest in Phase Next news.