Current General Fund Budget - $32,684,357

Add in the departmental needs: 
  • Continue the City's commitment to YEAR two of the Public Safety Step Plan that Compensates critical Bedford Public Safety personnel to be more competitive within the market.
  • Add a 3.75% compensation increase for all other personnel not included in the Public Safety Step Plan
  • Purchase a 2nd set of personal protective safety gear for all firefighters that would protect from serious injuries and illnesses due to exposure to cancer-causing agents.
  • Replace the motorcycles for the Police Officers within the Traffic Unit
  • Implement a fleet management program (Enterprise Fleet Program) designed to replace over 50 vehicles that have already exceeded their useful lifespan. Moving to this program will save the city approximately $500,000 over a 10-year period through increased equity at sale and decreased operating expenses.
  • Replace a Citywide phone system that is over 10 years old. No longer supported by Avaya (vendor) and is increasingly difficult to find replacement parts for the current units causing disruption in customer service.
  • Add contracted IT support to address critical public safety software and equipment Needs such as computer-aided dispatch of fire and police personnel and police officer computers installed in their cars.
  • Provide Standby pay for Police Department CRASH and SWAT personnel. Compensates employees required to be prepared for duty while otherwise home and not physically at work.

General Fund Budget with Departmental Needs - $33,808,469