Sign Ordinance Amendment

July 11, 2016

Purpose of Amendment

In order to promote an aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional community, the City adopted a uniform set of regulations related to signs. Signs are considered accessory structures which are regulated in Section 6 to 66 through 6 to 74 of the Sign Ordinance. As a business in Bedford, you are permitted certain specific types of sign displays while others are prohibited. The purpose of this ordinance is to protect property values, as well as provide a neat, clean, orderly and attractive appearance of the community.

This ordinance has been revised to reduce sign clutter and to minimize adverse visual safety factors to travelers on areas open to public travel. To achieve this purpose, it is necessary to regulate the design, quality of materials, construction, location, illumination, and maintenance of signs that are visible from public property, public rights-of-way and private areas open to public travel.

Revisions to the Sign Ordinance

Revisions to the Sign Ordinance include the following:
  • Area Coverage of Window Signs - Section 6 to 70 (h)
  • Display Of Feather/Swooper Flags and Balloons for Grand Openings - Section 6-72
  • Electronic Message Centers - Section 6 to 70 (a)
  • Existing Building For Sale / Lease Signs - Section 6 to 70 (i)
  • Luminous Lighting in Storefront Windows - Section 6 to 70 (h)
  • Prohibited Signs - Section 6-74
Ordinance Number 16-3167 (PDF) provides additional information, including updated definitions and detailed sections, to accomplish these changes. The items listed above are further explained on the enclosed document.

Conformance Timeline

Conformance timeline for existing and temporary signs is no later than September 1, 2016.