Financial Transparency

Platinum Leadership Circle Award

The City of Bedford has been awarded the Platinum Leadership Circle Award from the Texas Comptroller Office. The program began in December 2009 to recognize local governments in the state that are striving to meet a high standard for financial transparency online. The new Platinum designation highlights those entities that go above and beyond providing financial transparency. The City of Bedford received the Gold designation (highest at that time) in 2013. Further information about transparency in government can be viewed on the Comptroller's website.
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In an effort to provide key financial data to the citizens of Bedford, the City makes available several documents to ensure transparency for all financial transactions. The following information can be found in the Finance section.

Annual Budget

Also known as the Program of Services, this document outlines the spending plan for the fiscal year as approved by the City Council. This page contains the current Budget along with those from the previous 2 fiscal years. Hard-copies of the document can be viewed during normal business hours through the City Secretary's Office or at the Bedford Public Library.

Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report is generated at the conclusion of the independent audit following each fiscal year. It contains the financial information pertaining to the actual financial transactions that occurred during the closed fiscal year. Three years of reports are posted on this page and hard-copies are available for public viewing during normal business hours through the City Secretary's Office or at the Bedford Public Library.

Check Register

The check register is a searchable list of the City's disbursement registers. These are separated into 5 sections:
  • Capital Projects Payments
  • Disbursements
  • Manual Checks (those generated outside of the weekly vendor check run)
  • Payroll Checks (actual checks printed, this does not include direct deposit payments)
  • Purchase Card Transactions
For the current fiscal year, the register is posted quarterly. For completed fiscal years, the registers have been posted in their entirety.

Financial Reports

The Finance Division creates a quarterly report providing a summarized view of revenues and expenditures for all funds. These reports also provide highlights on the financial status of the major funds with supporting graphs and narrative explanation.

Debt Information

Information is provided on the City's current outstanding debt, including current debt obligations, descriptions, dates issued, total amounts and maturity dates.