ready for fireworks

The City of Bedford will put on a fireworks display on Sunday, July 4 starting at 10 p.m.

In order to accommodate a larger viewing audience, crews will be shooting the fireworks 200-feet higher than usual, to allow viewing from additional locations outside of Generations Park at Boys Ranch and within the city. The City will not be providing entertainment, concessions, or any additional activities.

Generations Park at Boys Ranch is currently undergoing long-term construction and will not be open to the public for pedestrian or vehicular traffic during the fireworks show. Residents are encouraged to find safe, alternate locations to view the fireworks and refrain from coming to the park. All traffic laws will be strictly enforced. Patrons are also asked to the respectful to the neighborhoods adjacent to the park. Just a reminder, private fireworks are prohibited in the City of Bedford.

Street closure information for the fireworks display will be posted on this webpage, when available. 


Where can I go to watch the fireworks?

Since the fireworks are being shot 200-feet higher this year, you'll have a better chance of being able to see them from your own backyard. If you wish to park somewhere to have a better view, City facility parking lots will be open and free of charge. This includes City Hall (2000 Forest Ridge), the Library (2424 Forest Ridge), Old Bedford School (2400 School Lane), etc. Please note, there will be no City staff on-hand to monitor parking lots and buildings will not be open for restroom use. 

If you choose to park in a business' parking lot, please be mindful they may charge for parking or reserve their parking for their customers. 

Please be mindful of no parking signs throughout the neighborhoods surrounding Generations Park at Boys Ranch. Towing will be enforced to ensure public safety vehicles have the ability to drive through the neighborhoods.

Where should I avoid?

At this time, no roads are scheduled to be closed for the show. However, there will be no parking in certain neighborhoods, which will be marked by City signs. If the neighborhood has signs asking you to be respectful of the neighborhood, that means you may park but avoid parking near fire hydrants and residents' driveways for public safety purposes. 

Do not stop on major roadways or medians during the fireworks to watch the show. Doing so causes a traffic hazard and you could get hit and/or hurt. 

In addition, the pavilion in Generations Park at Boys Ranch will not be open. It does not have electricity or water turned on at this time. The pavilion's bathrooms are not open or functioning either at this time due to the ongoing construction. However, there will be  port-a-potties on the south side of the lake. 

Why do the fireworks start at 10 p.m. and not earlier?

The City of Bedford has traditionally held its fireworks show at 10 p.m. During the planning, Bedford staff plan the show to  immediately follow Hurst’s fireworks show, which traditionally begins at 9:30 p.m. Not only does this allow our residents to enjoy two fireworks displays, but for safety reasons, both cities cannot shoot fireworks off at the same time. Despite Hurst holding its show on July 2 this year, the City has an agreement with its vendor to hold a 10 p.m. show.

How long is the fireworks show?

The fireworks display will last 28 minutes, as in year's past.

Will the show be coordinated to music?

Yes, the company that coordinates the show provides a link to the music. The link can be downloaded online. When the show starts, everyone will have the option to listen to the music on their own device. 

Will the show be livestreamed on social media?

Since the fireworks will be higher in the sky this year for more people to see them, we will not be livestreaming the show. The City also experienced problems with social media platforms removing and blocking the videos due to copyright issues from the music that was paired with the show. 

When are the no parking signs being set-up? Can I move the signs? 

The event signs will be put neighborhood on Wednesday, June 30 and Thursday, July 1 by City staff.

The signs are set-up on the hydrant side of the roadway for public safety reasons. Please do not relocate them to driveways or the other side of the street.

When will the signs be removed and the litter picked-up?

Since City facilities will be closed on Monday, July 5, all signs and litter will be removed on Tuesday, July 6.