Street Department

The Public Works Street Department takes pride in keeping the 460-lane miles of city streets, sidewalks, curb and gutters in good condition. Our staff of six highly skilled workers are trained on a variety of equipment including backhoes, dump trucks, asphalt pavers, and rollers used for street repairs. The concrete crew does an outstanding job working to make each sidewalk repair as functional and aesthetic as possible.

Repair Requests

Please call us for a service request or to report damages such as broken sidewalks that are possible tripping hazards, potholes, debris removal in the right-of-way or other street related request. Concrete repair requests are prioritized by severity and are eventually repaired as time and funding becomes available.

The Street and Drainage Superintendent maintains a repair list and communicates to residents the estimated time frame for completion of the repair request. Unforeseen circumstances; such as utility cuts or adverse weather conditions may alter this schedule. Feel free to call us at 817-952-2200 for schedule updates or new repair requests.

Large Infrastructure Project Funding

Large street maintenance projects are contracted out to the lowest qualified bidders. This includes yearly crack-sealing, micro-surfacing, asphalt mill and overlay, concrete street reconstruction, removal and replacement of asphalt. Funding for these types of improvement to the infrastructure come from several sources including a 1/2 cent sales tax, block grants and general funds.

The City of Bedford Street Improvement/Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC), which was established in 1998, decides how the 1/2 cent sales tax funds are spent. The seven member SIEDC board includes four City Council members, and three appointed citizens. The funds from the sales tax are used primarily for repairs and equipment.

County Funding

In addition; the City of Bedford receives a small amount of funding from Tarrant County Community Block Grant program for sidewalk installation where there are none, and/or sewer line and water line repairs in economically disadvantaged areas. The Tarrant County Commissions Court approves funding for the grant then the Bedford City Council authorizes the project.

The remaining general revenue funds for street repairs are authorized by a vote by the City of Bedford's City Council. Once funding for a project is approved, the City determines who will design the project, and once complete will go through a competitive bidding process.

Contact Information

To discuss the needs for a large infrastructure project please contact the Public Works Department at 817-952-2200. Working together to meet the needs of the community, we can help make the city streets as great as possible.