Parks Department


The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City's parks and open spaces. Parks must be kept in a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing condition in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the patron.

The Parks staff is responsible for the maintenance of parks, medians, and selected City facilities. The landscaping of medians and park entrances is necessary to provide a favorable and lasting impression of the City of Bedford by residents and visitors. The facilities under Parks' direct care require maintenance in many areas including, but not limited to, building repairs, irrigation, electric, plumbing, woodwork, light bulb changes, etc.

Trees & Miscellaneous Duties

Parks oversees city tree trimming in some of the city right of ways not residential property or commercial property. Other program areas include chemical application for weeds, insects, and fertilization; inspection of playgrounds; maintenance of pools; preparation and maintenance of athletic fields; repairs and inspections of tennis courts, etc.

City medians, once constructed, are maintained by parks staff in all areas with the exception of mowing, which is contracted out. This includes plant replacement and care, weeding, irrigation and lighting.

Document Resources

For more information on the Parks and Trails Master Plan please visit our Master Plan page.