Garage Sales

Permit Required

Bedford residents seeking to hold a garage sale must first obtain a permit. To do that, residents must complete an online application.

A permit is required to better regulate and enforce the garage sale provisions that promote clean, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods. There is no fee for this permit, unless a group/neighborhood sale (for more than five addresses), which does require a $25 permit fee. The permit must be available to be viewed during the sale (in either paper or electronic form). A property may not have more than four garage sales in one year. Such garage sale may not last more than 72 hours.

Application and Instructions

Garage Sale Permits can be obtained through the City’s self-service online portal. City Staff is here to assist anyone with applying online, as paper permits will be phased out. 

View instructions on how to create an account through the online portal.

View instructions on how to submit a permit through the portal. 


Up to four yard signs are permitted, with one being located in the yard of the sale and three others used for directional purposes (all signs must be located on private property and not within the right-of-way). 

The City no longer issues garage sale signs, so residents are free to use their own signs, as long as they are no larger than 4 square feet and 3 feet in height. Garage sale signs can only be displayed 24 hours before the sale begins and must be removed by 8 p.m. on the last day of the sale. 


For questions, please contact Building Inspections at 817-952-2140 or via email.