Common Code Violation Concerns

Report a Code Violation

You can report code violations (including graffiti) 24 hours a day by calling 817-952-2640 and giving the information to the operator or voice mail system. You may also email us using Better It in Bedford.

Common Code Violations

Abandoned & Junked Vehicles

Junked vehicles visible from a public place or public right-of-way are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public, tend to reduce the value of private property, invite vandalism and harm the economic welfare of the City.

High Grass & Weeds

High grass and weeds can become a fire hazard as well as a breeding place for mosquitoes and rodents. Consequently, grass or weeds higher than 10 inches are not in compliance with the City ordinance. Upon proper notification, property owners will have 7 days to remove the high grass and weeds. If the problem is not resolved after allowed time period for abatement has expired, legal action could be taken in Municipal Court.
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View more before and after code violation images in the photo gallery.

Trash, Rubbish & Open Storage

Typical violations of this ordinance include accumulation of:
  • Appliances
  • Building and fencing materials
  • Car parts
  • Furniture
  • Other related materials
  • Tires
  • Trash
  • Tree limbs
  • Wood debris
Residents are asked to bring their properties to compliance by removing such items within a designated time frame. If the problem is not resolved, legal action could be taken in Municipal Court.

Landscape Irrigation Guidelines

The City of Bedford is continuing its efforts to participate in water conservation. These efforts include adopting ordinances related to landscape irrigation. We have provided links to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to address questions and concerns.