Neighborhood Services

Responsibilities and Services

The Neighborhood Services Division is responsible for addressing nuisance and property standard violations to ensure a safe and healthful environment for the community. These violations include high weeds and grass, trash and debris and illegal dumping. The main goal of this enforcement is to resolve violations to reduce neighborhood deterioration and ensure property values.

Neighborhood Services officers conduct surveys and investigate complaints concerning dangerous buildings, substandard structures, excessively high grass and weeds, accumulation of trash and debris, illegal dumping and other general nuisance-related violations. Neighborhood Services Officers will:
  • Take photographs and gather all pertinent facts associated with possible code violations
  • Prepare required documentation for legal actions
  • Prepare detailed reports and correspondence related to code compliance inspections, violations, and other activities

Additional Benefits

Neighborhood Services programs achieve not only their primary goals of improved health, safety and welfare of the community, but are utilized to enhance other programs and efforts such as historic preservation, rehabilitation, and revitalization. In order to establish an efficient system of code compliance, Neighborhood Services Officers operate under set guidelines for the receipt of complaints, investigations and inspections, and citation issuance.

Mission Statement

The Neighborhood Services Division is entrusted to assure that the ordinances of the City of Bedford, as set forth by the City Council, are complied with by all citizens. With this in mind, the mission of the Neighborhood Services Division is to ensure the ordinances of the City of Bedford are complied with by all citizens and property owners. We are committed to this mission through professional, effective, and efficient service delivery as we strive to maintain the health, safety, and aesthetics to the neighborhoods and the quality of life for our citizens.