Teen Court Jury Duty

After you have your hearing at Teen Court, you will return on 1 Monday night to serve as a jury member. You will be given dates for upcoming Teen Court nights for the next 90 days when you check out after your hearing. You can also check the Teen Court calendar for any schedule changes. It is your responsibility to check your schedule and plan to return for 1 of those Teen Court nights.

Jury Duty Requirements

  • Select 1 date from the list given to you on your court night that you would like to serve your jury terms. 
  • MUST CALL ahead of time to sign up for jury duty.  
  • The jury dates will close when filled so DO NOT wait until the last minute to call.  
  • Arrive at 5:15 p.m. to be assigned a room.   
  • The Teen Court dress code is strictly enforced. You will not be allowed to serve on a jury if you are not dressed appropriately.
  • Jurors are not allowed to bring guests to Teen Court.
  • You have 90 days from the night your case is heard at Teen Court to complete your jury term.
  • Parents must arrive in a timely manner to pick up your teen. 
  • There is a phone at the front desk for teens to use.
One night counts as 1 jury duty. 

Disruptive or Inappropriate Behavior

Disruptive or inappropriate behavior can result in termination from Teen Court.