Alias Warrants

Defendants who have an alias warrant(s), have failed to make an appearance before the court on a ticket. You have the following options:

  • Visit the Municipal Court and post a cash bond to secure a court date. A cash bond is simply a way of having the warrant recalled and agreeing to appear before the court on a specific date to enter a plea.
  • If you simply wish to plead guilty and pay the fine, please contact the court for the exact amount due. You must send in a written plea of guilty and no personal checks are accepted.
  • Hire a traffic attorney to handle your case(s).
  • Pay my alias warrant online.

Capias Warrants

Defendants, who have a capias warrant(s), have entered a plea on their violation(s), and not completed the terms of the judgment levied by the court.

  • Your only option is to contact the court and pay the fine amount of the warrant(s).