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Thanksgiving Trash Schedule

Normal Thursday trash and/or recycling collection will shift to Friday, November 28.
Normal Friday trash and/or recycling collection will shift to Saturday, November 29.

City Hall Offices will be closed for Thanksgiving
In observance of Thanksgiving, City Hall will be closed Thursday, November 27 and Friday, Novermber 28.

Distracted Driving Ordinance

On November 18, 2014, the Bedford City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting distracted driving practices as they relate to portable electronic devices (which is defined as any handheld wireless communication device, laptop computer, tablet, media player, handheld gaming device, or any electronic device capable of displaying text-based communications, games, pictures or video).

In 2012, there were 3,328 people killed in distracted driving incidents. Statistical data reflects a significant correlation between cell phone use while driving and an increase in motor vehicle accidents. A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that a person is 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash by looking away from the forward roadway for just two seconds; a risk that is comparable to driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.15. Another NHTSA report shows that while texting, the average person's eyes are off the road for five seconds. At 55 MPH, those five seconds equate to traveling the length of a football field while blindfolded.

The intention of the ordinance is to prohibit drivers from interacting with any electronic device in their hands, whether it is viewing, typing, or talking while operating a motor vehicle upon a public roadway. This includes while vehicles are stopped at a traffic signal.

Types of actions that are considered "use" in the ordinance are as follows:
- viewing the display screen of a portable electronic device
- holding a portable electronic device in a position to talk into or listen on
- manipulating a portable electronic device by interacting with its display screen or pushing any button to enter text, dial numbers, or to engage in any other function.

The ordinance DOES NOT prohibit GPS devices affixed to a vehicle, a hands-free device, or the utilization of a portable electronic device in an emergency situation.

To review the ordinance in its entirety, please click here.

Le Theatre Marionette "Peppermint Twist" and Tea Party
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. with Tea Party to follow
Cost: $15 per person

Peppermint Twist is a fun-filled holiday show sure to entertain the entire family. Watch as beautifully hand-crafted puppets delilght and charm in this fast-pased presentation. Children will laugh aloud at the clowns and adorable roller-skaters who is just plain clumsy on his feet! Of course who could resist applauding the concert pianist who is striken with a sundden sneezing attack? The finale of Peppermint Twist provides a rapping snowman, a teddy bear who juggles and the real star of the show Santa Claus! A tea party will take place after the puppet show in the Galleries, and it will feauture dainty snaks, tea and punch. For more information, please visit
Buy Tickets below:


Deadline - Tuesday, December 9 by Noon

Get ready...set...DECORATE!!! Start putting up those holiday decorations to participate in Bedford’s 3rd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest. Decorations and registration will need to be completed by 12:00p.m. on Tuesday, December 9.  You can nominate your home, home owners association or the home of someone else. Please be sure to have their permission and include their contact information below. Based on feedback from the prior contests, we are asking contestants to self submit the information and up to five photos of the decorations via email.
A list of nominated homes will be available and online voting will begin on Friday, December 10 at 5:00p.m.  The voting will close on Monday, December 29 at 12:00p.m.
In order to be eligible for prizes in the contest, each home must be located in the City of Bedford and be officially nominated via the email below. A return confirmation of receipt will be emailed to you after submission. Contest participants are not limited to any theme or decoration specifications; however participation in the contest does not exempt a location from any City of Bedford code or ordinance. 
There will be three household winners. Winners will be determined by popular vote and the home that receives the most votes will get 1st place and the winner with the second highest number of votes gets 2nd place etc.

Please email the following information to before 12 p.m on Tuesday. December 9. Entries with incomplete information may be excluded from the contest.

Subject: Holiday Decorating Contest
Location address or HOA location (if different than above):
Best Contact Phone#:
Email contact:
Brief description of display:
Up to five photos: 

Thank you and good luck!


It is that time of year again where the fire department will be hosting their annual pancake breakfast which will be help at Fire Station 1 located at 1816 Bedford Rd.  The pancake breakfast will be held on Friday, December 12th from 0700-1000 and Saturday, December 13th from 0700-1000.  The cost is $5 per person.  With as in the past, there will be raffles for different prizes. There are 12 different prize packages to choose from.  This will increase your chance in winning a particular prize.  The money raised from the pancake breakfast goes to help pay for the Fire Departments annual award banquet.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at any of the fire stations in Bedford.  The cost of the raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  The raffle drawing will be held on Saturday, December 13th, during the breakfast.  The winner does not need to be present to win. Click here to view raffle packages.

Please come out and enjoy good food, good company, and a chance to win nice prices. 

Please make sure that you fill out the back of the raffle ticket with your name and phone number.  On the front of the ticket, please put what package number you would like your raffle ticket to go into.  All of your raffle tickets can go towards one package, or you can split your tickets amongst the packages.  Example:  If you buy 6 tickets, you can put all 6 tickets into package #1.   Or you can put 1 ticket into packages #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

Emergency Management Partners:
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 is Winter Weather Awareness Day in Texas as proclaimed by Governor Perry.
Winter weather can impact Texas during the months of November through April. While Texas is known for its sunny climate, winter weather shows itself across the state each year.  Just last year, a winter storm arrived in early December with snow and ice, effectively shutting down the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and areas of north Texas for several days.
Winter weather can affect expected areas of Texas like the Panhandle but also regions much farther south like the Coastal Bend.  No matter where you reside, I encourage everyone to assemble a disaster supply kit of important emergency supplies for homes and vehicles including:

·        First aid kit
·        NOAA Weather Radio or battery-operated radio
·        Flashlight
·        Medication
·        Non-perishable food items
·        Bottled water
·        Blankets and warm clothing such as coats, gloves and hats

More winter storm preparedness planning information can be found at: I invite you to promote awareness, preparedness, and mitigation measures to help prevent and reduce loss of life and property. 

To view the 2014-2015 winter weather outlook and for more information about winter weather awareness, please visit NOAA’s winter weather safety and awareness page at:

Texans can learn how to prepare and assemble supply kits by visiting the Texas Prepares website: Statewide road conditions from TxDOT can be found by checking or by calling 800-452-9292.Thank you for all that you do.
Be informed. Be prepared. Be involved.

Board and Commissions

The City Secretary’s Office is currently accepting applications for open positions on the City’s Citizen Boards and Commissions. There are currently openings on the following:

  • Beautification Commission
  • Building and Standards Commission
  • Community Affairs Commission
  • Library Advisory Board
  • Parks and Recreation Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Street Improvement Economic Development Corporation
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment

An application can be downloaded here. The deadline to apply is 5:00 p.m., Monday, November 10.  More information on each Board and Commission can be found here or by contacting the City Secretary’s Office at 817.952.2104.

Water Bill Increase Notification

Effective January 1, 2015, the City of Bedford will adjust its water and sewer rates to account for an increase in the cost of services provided by the Trinity River Authority (TRA). The City relies on TRA to provide wholesale water and sewer services to Bedford residents and businesses.  The cost for these services is at a rate per 1,000 gallons of water and sewer distributed by the City of Bedford.  Recently, TRA notified the City that it will increase its volume water rate 27 cents per 1,000 gallons and its volume sewer rate 11 cents per 1,000 gallons.  Therefore the City of Bedford will pass this increase directly onto its volume rates to Bedford customers.  On September 23, 2014, the City Council approved the increase in the water and sewer volume rates to go into effect on the January 2015 water bills.

The new monthly rates for residential customers will be as follows:


Old Water rate

New Water rate

Old Sewer rate

New Sewer rate

Base rate


No change


No change

Base Sr. rate


No change


No change

Usage per 1,000 gallons





Week 45 Mosquito Surveillance Reports

Tarrant County’s Week 44 Mosquito Surveillance Report, dated November 12, 2014, contained two positive mosquito samples for West Nile Virus, of the 65 mosquito pools submitted to the lab.  Of those positive samples, one was at DFW Airport and one was in Grapevine. There were no positive mosquito pools in Bedford. To date, 4,656 samples have been submitted to the North Texas Regional Lab, with a total of 325 positive mosquito samples to date. 

The Public Works Department will administer additional chemical application to combat mosquitoes at any positive test sites in Bedford.  Public Works will continue to exceed treatment methods for larvicide as recommended by the EPA and CDC.

Please contact the Public Works Department for more information about the City of Bedford’s Mosquito Surveillance program at 817-952-2200.​

Mayor's Address to Residents' on West Nile Virus

Mayor Jim Griffin addressing residents on the City's action to help combat the transmission of the West Nile Virus.

Notification of Draft of Water Conservation/Drought Contingency Plans

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires municipalities to develop a Water Conservation Plan and a Drought Contingency plan according to the Texas Administrative Code Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 228, Subchapter’s A & B, Rule 288 – Water Conservation Plan and Drought Contingency Plan. The current ordinances allow for the plans to change from time to time.  The Water Conservation Plan was last updated on July 26, 2011 and the Drought Contingency Plan was last adopted on April 14, 2009.  There are no significant changes to the plans except replacing the current plans on file in the City Secretary’s Office.  TCEQ requires the plans to be updated every five years. Both plans have been reviewed and approved by TCEQ and Trinity River Authority. 

Both plans will be presented at the City Council Meeting on August 26, 2014 as an ordinance amending Chapter 118, Division 2 “Utilities,” Article IV “Water Resource Management Ordinance,” to adopt the current plans.  The Water Conservation Plan and the Drought Contingency Plan may be viewed at the link below or at the office of the City Secretary or at the Public Works Office.
Water Conservation Plan
Drought Contingency Plan
Please address your written comments to Jerry Laverty, Environmental Supervisor at 1813 Reliance Parkway, Bedford, Texas  76021 or  You may reach him by phone at 817-952-2200.

Closure of Jackson Road and Cheek-Sparger

The City of Colleyville will be closing Jackson Road at Cheek-Sparger starting on Monday, July 28, 2014. Colleyville anticipates their roadway will be closed for 60 days.  Bedford residents will still have full access to Cheek-Sparger from Central Drive but will not be able to continue north to Colleyville. 

Water Quality Report
The City of Bedford has issued the 2013 Water Quality Report.  The report is posted at the following locations:
City Hall, Buildings A & B: 2000 Forest Ridge, Bedford
Bedford Public Library:  2424 Forest Ridge, Bedford
Bedford Public Works Service Center:  1813 Reliance Parkway, Bedford

The report is also available on-line at:
Copies of the report will be sent to citizens in the June utility bills.

Mandatory Stage 1 Water Restrictions Are Now in Effect.

The City of Bedford under the guidance of the Tarrant Regional Water District and has implemented Stage 1 of the Drought Plan beginning on Monday, June 3, 2013.  The following is in addition to the ordinance that restricts watering between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.  Please be mindful that the restrictions will be strictly enforced.  For more information contact the Public Works Department at 817-952-2200.  Thank you for your part in water conservation!

For a list of watering days click here.

Water Pressure Improvements Coming Your Way!

Saber Development Corporation was awarded a contract in the amount of $2,269,855.25 for the Northwest Pressure Plane Project.  This project will include a booster pump station, 8,430 linear feet of water line, and 24 gate valves.  Work will begin in early November and will take 240 days to complete.  Once complete, the resident in the 1,400 households in the northwest section of the City will enjoy a 10-15 psi increase.  For the residents in area, please know that the contractor will fully restore all streets, sidewalks, and yards after construction.  Please contact the Public Works Department for more information about this project at 817-952-2200.

Better It in Bedford Phone App

The City of Bedford is pleased to launch Better It In Bedford, a civic engagement tool allowing residents to stay in touch with the City. Through this easy-to-use service, residents have access to important city information, can report issues, submit service requests and can track their requests online or via their mobile phones.

To download this app to a mobile device, visit your app store or visit to log in, today.

Bedford Alert

The City of Bedford has launched Bedford Alert, a mass communication and emergency preparedness system. The City implemented Bedford Alert for city officials to stay connected with residents and efficiently provide them with information. In the event of a tornado warning, a water main break, a police incident or any other information in the area, officials can send voice, text, email or TTY/DD messages directly to residents and businesses in just minutes.

"Keeping our community safe and informed is our top priority, which is why we need to be able to communicate with residents in urgent situations," said Beverly Griffith, Bedford City Manager. "I strongly encourage residents to register their contact information and update their message preferences in the Bedford Alert database so they can be prepared to receive important notifications."

Publicly available primary residential and business phones in Bedford will automatically be included in the system. However, to ensure the City has the most up-to-date contact information, including cell phone numbers and email addresses, residents should visit to sign up. Users should provide complete information and indicate their preference for being contacted, language and message topics. Those residents without internet access are encouraged to visit the Bedford Public Library for free internet and computer access.

Class Proposal Form

Have a skill or hobby to share?
Want to be an Instructor for the Boys Ranch Activity Center?

Download and complete the Class Proposal form and return it completed to the Bedford Boys Ranch Activity Center and you will be contacted for an interview.
It really is that simple!


The City of Bedford works closely with the Tarrant County Public Health Department in a county wide mosquito surveillance program. The participating cities set out mosquito traps for collection. Once collected the samples go to the health department’s laboratory for testing of West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis. Each week five mosquito traps are set within our city limits.


New Donation Options Available
The City of Bedford is accepting donations through PayPal and donating to the City service of your choice is now easier than ever. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account, simply select one of four City services to donate:

  • Parks
  • Animal Shelter
  • Dog Park
  • Public Library

Enter in the donation amount and then click submit; all major credit and debit cards are accepted. Your donation is appreciated and enhances the fund-raising efforts of each group.

Select here for more information and to make a donation.

Cultural District
Art, music & culture are alive and well in the City of Bedford. Citizens and visitors can enjoy an art gallery, historic sites, outdoor music performances and live theater. There are a variety of classes and programs for all ages at our new Bedford Library and the Bedford Boys Ranch Activity Center. All this plus outdoor festivals and plenty of green space within a short walk from the main municipal complex.

Select here for more information on the Cultural District

Water Meter Shut Off Assistance - Avoid Fines for Breaking the Shut off Valve
This is a friendly reminder that only a Bedford Public Works Employee is authorized to shut off water at the city owned water meter.


Park Donation Fund

For many years, the City of Bedford has provided an option through the water bill to make a $0.50 donation each month in support of parks.  In order to update our record keeping, we are requesting all of those customers who wish to donate $0.50 a month to fill out and return the form located below.  Once we receive your form, we will add the $0.50 donation to your total bill each month and until you no longer wish to participate in the program.  Please note that even if you may have donated in the past or signed up to donate in the past, your account will not reflect the donation until we receive the authorization form. Sign up for the Park Donation Fund Online.

Animal Control Shelter

Many Loving Pets are Looking for a Good Home
The adoptions can be made at the Bedford Animal Shelter, 1809 Reliance Parkway, Bedford, TX.

Animal Shelter hours are changing from opening at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday to opening at 9:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Help support the Bedford Animal Shelter with the purchase of a Bedford Shelter T-shirts for $15.00

The Bedford Animal Control Division is responsible for the care and custody of all impounded animals, responding to calls for service, quarantining of animals, investigating reports of cruelty and enforcing animal ordinance violations. This Division aggressively seeks good homes for all adoptable animals.

Bedford Animal Shelter

Pets available for adoption

Donation options for the Animal Control Shelter

Pet Spotlight
Hugo (1987) is a male DSH about 6 months old. Slick (1907) is a male  DSH about 1 year old.

Olaf (1946) is a male DSH about 6 months old.

Kali (1914) is a female DSH about 8 months old. 

Skittles (1921) is a female DSH about 5 years old.

Baby (1862) is a female DSH about 3 years old.

"MHC" Master Highway Corridor Overlay District Update

On April 23, 2013, the City Council approved this Amendment to the City of Bedford Zoning Ordinance unanimously.  The Master Highway Corridor Overlay District is established to provide a set of standards applicable to future development and redevelopment within the corridor area.  These standards are intended to protect and enhance the appearance of the corridor, promote the unique character of the City of Bedford, protect and enhance property values within the corridor, prevent the establishment of incompatible types of development, and coordinate the overall sense of place within this corridor.

Highway Corridor Proposal Map

Bedford Commons

Central Bedford is on the road to imagining a place where residents and visitors can enjoy a stroll through a unique place. Picture a center of town where you could walk to the library and afterwards walk to have lunch at an outdoor bistro. The Vision for Central Bedford will serve as an action plan to promote Bedford, guide future development decisions, and encourage economic activity with a set of short and long term strategic actions. The vision is based on extensive input from the public and a stakeholder committee consisting of the City Council, City Staff, and Local Business Leaders. Stay tuned as the City works to create a framework, which will establish this one of a kind sense of place.

To obtain more information about the Vision, click here

Click here to view the draft of the zoning standards

To view the presentation from the October 14, 2014 public meeting click on the link below.

Bedford Commons Public Meeting Presentation 10/14/2014

Bedford Alert

The City of Bedford has launched Bedford Alert, a mass communication and emergency preparedness system. The City implemented Bedford Alert for city officials to stay connected with residents and efficiently provide them with information. In the event of a tornado warning, a water main break, a police incident or any other information in the area, officials can send voice, text, email or TTY/DD messages directly to residents and businesses in just minutes.

"Keeping our community safe and informed is our top priority, which is why we need to be able to communicate with residents in urgent situations," said Beverly Griffith, Bedford City Manager. "I strongly encourage residents to register their contact information and update their message preferences in the Bedford Alert database so they can be prepared to receive important notifications."

Publicly available primary residential and business phones in Bedford will automatically be included in the system. However, to ensure the City has the most up-to-date contact information, including cell phone numbers and email addresses, residents should visit to sign up. Users should provide complete information and indicate their preference for being contacted, language and message topics. Those residents without internet access are encouraged to visit the Bedford Public Library for free internet and computer access.

North Tarrant Expressway: Highway Expansion Program

Lane Closure Information
Check out for Lane Closure information specific to Bedford and the surrounding area.

Links Of Interest:
(Don't let construction put a dent in your plans, visit for alternate routes to key cross-sections and intersections in the City.

Photographs of the HWY expansion project
Videos of the expansion project.

NTE Corridor Landscaping
For a presentation on the NTE Coordior Landscaping
NTE Corridor Update
The latest update from NTE regarding the corridor expansion in Bedford.

Council Meetings

All regularly scheduled Council meetings will air on Time Warner Cable (Channel 16 for "basic" subscribers and 15.4 for all "digital" subscribers)) and U-verse (channel 99) the Thursday & Monday following the meeting at 6:00PM. Meetings will also stream live online the day of a council meeting.

Watch past council meetings online at

Read past and present council meeting agendas


Online Job Application

Centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Bedford is a progressive community of economic growth and quality development. Bedford offers an extensive and comprehensive benefits program for full-time employees that includes employee medical, dental, life and disability insurance coverage; employer paid retirement plan; paid leave; and tuition reimbursement. Employment with the City of Bedford will provide an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for selected candidates.

All applications and resumes are subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Public Information Act.

The City of Bedford is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical or mental disabilities or because they are disabled veterans or veterans of the Vietnam era or Gulf War.

Current jobs available


The Bedford Connection

The Bedford Connection is a quarterly magazine and recreation guide.

The B.A.C.E. Newsletter offers residents a way to stay connected via email. Signup for this service to receive an occasional email informing you of current notices and upcoming events. Please type "SUBSCRIBE" into the subject line of the email.


Pay Water Bill Online

save yourself time, and pay your water bill online.
Start a Utility Service

Moving to the area? Don't be left in the dark and without water, start a utility service before you get here.

Water Department

Find out more information about the Bedford Water Department.





Public Information Requests

Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, known as the Texas Public Information Act (the “Act”), gives the public the right to request access to governmental information.  The Act is triggered when a person submits a written request to a governmental body and must ask for records or information already in existence.  The Act does not require a governmental body to create new information, to do legal research, or to answer questions. 

A person may ask to view the information, get copies of the information, or both. If a request is for copies of information, the governmental body may charge for the copies. If a request is only for an opportunity to inspect information, then usually the governmental body may not impose a charge on the requestor. However, under certain limited circumstances a governmental body may impose a charge for access to information. All charges imposed by a governmental body for copies or for access to information must comply with the rules prescribed by the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), unless another statute authorizes an agency to set its own charges.

~Adapted from Public Information 2012 Handbook published by the Texas Attorney General’s Office

Requests for public information can be made by sending an email to or by submitting a Public Information Access Form.  The form may be mailed to the attention of City Secretary at 2000 Forest Ridge Drive, Bedford, TX 76021, hand delivered to City Hall Building A or faxed to (817) 952-2103.  Please be as specific as possible as to the records you are requesting.

Attorney General’s Web page on Open Government

Financial Transparency

In an effort to provide key financial data to the citizens of Bedford, the City makes available several documents to ensure transparency for all financial transactions.  The following information can be found on the Finance page under their respective tabs.    

The City of Bedford has been awarded the Platinum Leadership Circle Award from the Texas Comptroller Office.  The program began in December 2009 to recognize local governments in the state that are striving to meet a high standard for financial transparency online.  The new Platinum designation highlights those entities that go above and beyond providing financial transparency.  The City of Bedford received the Gold designation (highest at that time) in 2013.  Further information about transparency in government can be viewed on the Comptroller’s website

Annual Budget:  Also known as the Program of Services, this document outlines the spending plan for the fiscal year as approved by the City Council.  This page contains the current Budget along with those from the previous two fiscal years.  Hard-copies of the document can be viewed during normal business hours through the City Secretary’s office or at the Bedford Public Library.

Annual Financial Report:  This report is generated at the conclusion of the independent audit following each fiscal year.  It contains the financial information pertaining to the actual financial transactions that occurred during the closed fiscal year.  Three years of reports are posted on this page and hard-copies are available for public viewing during normal business hours through the City Secretary’s office or at the Bedford Public Library.

Check Register:  This document is a searchable list of the City’s disbursement registers.  These are separated into five sections, Disbursements, Payroll checks (actual checks printed, this does not include direct deposit payments), Capital Projects payments, Manual Checks (those generated outside of the weekly vendor check run) and Purchase card transactions.  For the current fiscal year, the register is posted quarterly.  For completed fiscal years, the registers have been posted in their entirety.

Financial Reports:  The Finance division creates a quarterly report providing a summarized view of revenues and expenditures for all funds. These reports also provide highlights on the financial status of the major funds with supporting graphs and narrative explanation.

Debt Information: Information is provided on the City’s current outstanding debt, including current debt obligations, descriptions, dates issued, total amounts and maturity dates.

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